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Cape Coral in total has roughly 138,000 lots of which about 40,000 are on water. A third of that are located at fresh water canals, which are closed waterways. Two thirds are canals with access to the Gulf of Mexico, so that you can take the boat out into open water. The total length of all canals combined is approx. 400 miles – and that makes Cape Coral unique in the world!

Location, Location, Location.


The most inexpensive lots are the dry ones, followed by the ones located at a fresh water canal or lake. The tip of the price range is reserved for the gulf access lots and leks or even river sites. Water is a highly determining factor in our region when it comes to price. The distance of the way out into the river/gulf, potential restrictions like bridges or locks but also the width of the canal and the distance you can look over water including intersecting canals are all facets of determining value.

Looking at the price it also makes a difference if you are looking at a standard size lot of 10,000 sq ft or an oversized lot, whether the shape admits building a standard home or you have to switch over to a custom plan to make it fit and whether the rear exposure is south or north and will decide over how many hours of sun you will have on your pool area.

Experience and Knowledge

Furthermore you have to take into consideration whether there are still assessments on the property, e.g. for the utility expansion project of the city water, whether there is a seawall installed and a boat dock/lift as well as possibly a building restriction like an eagle zone, a burrowing owl nest or worst case scenario a drainage line running right through the property.

You can see now, there are lots of things to know and to take care of. Therefore you need an experienced and reliable partner to make sure your “project dream home” in Florida does not turn into a “project nightmare”.

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