Welcome to Matthias Bauer Inc.

The contact for your dream home in Southwest Florida!

Good on principle!

Good Project planning – foundation for a successful project

We plan and construct your custom home.

Achieving the goal together.

You can rely on us.

Execution of Construction Work –  with certainty more efficiency

The path to a completed house is comparable to a journey: the objective is well known. However, the route can be long and exhausting. For you it will be easier, when we precede with our experience.

Project partnership – one for all, all for one

We have a clear goal in sight: creating more value. This goal binds employees, customers and all project members closer together, because only those who are all together for one goal will definitely reach it.

Innovation and Craftsmanship

The construction industry calls for flexibility and innovation. Innovative conceptions and technical skill are important elements of our corporate philosophy and form the foundation for successful cooperation with our customers and service providers.

News & Projects


In the following video you can see the construction progress of the current project

To allow our customers the best possible impression of the construction progress we offer videos of the object filmed via drone. Even when it initially comes to decision making concerning the purchase of the estate these recordings can be especially helpful!

Cape Coral Map